· Toyota and Mazda form a long-term cooperation to share technology / achieve a win-win situation

According to the latest report of the US Auto News on May 13, Japan Toyota and Mazda Motor Corporation reached a consensus on long-term partnership to share products and technologies to meet increasingly stringent emission standards and reduce costs.
It is said that the two companies will discuss how to use their own advantages to promote a win-win situation. Toyota plans to provide fuel cell and plug-in hybrid technology to Mazda, and in return, Mazda will provide Toyota with its Skyactiv gasoline and diesel engine technology. At present, Toyota and Mazda refuse to provide detailed plans for cooperation, but in the future, hybrid cars and fuel cell engines produced by the two companies will become possible.
This cooperation will promote the two companies to achieve a win-win situation. Mazda CEO Kogai said that the company has been limited by budget funds, so cooperation with other companies is the primary consideration. In this cooperation, Mazda not only borrowed Toyota fuel cell and plug-in hybrid technology, but also independently developed the HCCI (Homogeneous Hybrid Compression Ignition) engine, which is 30% more energy efficient than the Skyactiv engine.
Toyota Motor Engineers said: "Mazda can use small capital to build high-quality cars and profit from it. It also has Skyactiv gasoline and diesel engine technology, lightweight chassis technology and soul design language. Far ahead of Toyota, Toyota has a lot to learn from."
According to reports, Toyota will release a new modular platform this year, and improve the engine, using a pressurized system.

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