China is expected to become Bentley's largest marke…

In 2012, the global delivery of Bentley Motors quickly increased from 7003 units in 2011 to 8510 units. The sales volume increased by as much as 22%, which also allowed Bentley to continue to lead the world in ultra-luxury car brands. Among them, in 2012, Bentley Automotive delivered 2457 -----

Car defrosting how to do winter car defrost small coup

In winter, cars parked outdoors for a night and windshield frost often occurred the next day, which is probably one of the biggest headaches for garage owners. In this regard, experts reminded the majority of riders: car defrosting is not suitable for collision, wisdom is often more effective than-----

Dongfeng Freka Tanker

China Automotive Network Tanker Columns are included in China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology tanker car announcement all 2 categories 3 manufacturers 3 tanker brand 8 tanker product information, the latest tanker announcement, environm-----

JAC vacuum cleaner

China Automotive Cleansing Catalogue contains China National Automotive Industry and Information Technology Department Vacuum Cleaner Vehicles Announcement All 5 Categories 12 Manufacturers 11 Vacuum Cleaner Brands 64 Vacuum Cleaner Product Information, Late-----

Flat wrecker

The China Car Net Wrecker has been included in China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Wrecker Cars Announcement All 5 Categories 92 Manufacturers 86 Wrecker Brands 1563 Wrecker Products, Latest Wrecker Announcements, Environmental Notic-----