Black tungsten concentrate

1. Overview Tungsten is a rare element with a content of only 0.007% in the earth's crust. China's tungsten reserves account for about 55% of the world's total reserves, ranking first. There are output in North China, Northwest China and Southwest China, especially in the west from Guang-----

Sulfur dioxide gas treatment and recovery

First, the source of sulfur dioxide gas SO 2 is currently the most harmful of air pollutants. China's annual emissions reached 15.2 million tons, ranking third in the world, causing environmental pollution and waste of sulfur resources. Gold in the production process, SO 2 gas from the main s-----

Recovering silver from photosensitive waste emulsion

There are many ways to recover silver from waste emulsions used in the manufacture of photosensitive materials plants. More important methods are: waste latex containing silver (2.75 ~ 8.0) × 10 -4 , first add about 1.5% of the weight of waste latex NaOH, heated to 85 ° C to destroy gelatin.-----

Carbonization treatment of cryptocrystalline magnesite

China is a major magnesite resource country, but there are still many gaps in the utilization of magnesium resources in China compared with the world's advanced countries. Magnesite due to the higher fire resistance, excellent adhesion and other physical and chemical properties, are widely used-----

Antimony ore

The cockroaches, and the cockroaches , cockroaches , and cockroaches that were discovered later were separated from the didymium, which was considered to be a rare earth element at the time. Due to their discovery, didymium is no longer reserved. And it is their discovery that opened the third door-----

Plan concept

A plan is a decision and its arrangement to achieve a certain goal. Beneficiation plant management is to use the program to organize, direct, coordinate and control the management of mineral production, technology, business activities, including the preparation of the concentrator plan, execute, an-----