Ship Leaders 2015 Plan Calls for Strengthening R&D

The European Union’s recently launched Ship Leaders 2015 plan sets out a development path that aims to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of the European shipbuilding industry. It is reported that about 10% of the profits will be used in high-level and high-level prototype research, de-----

Tightened supply of raw salt

In October, domestic crude salt entered the salt production period in autumn. The output and listing of new salt played a certain mitigation effect on the raw salt market, which has tightened the supply in the previous period, making the original salt market price relatively stable. As the demand -----

Study on Virtual Design Method of Metal Cutting Tools

0 Introduction Modern metal cutting technology is moving in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, resource conservation, and environmental protection. The traditional tool development process needs to go through materials development, tool design, man-----