A rental car summer enjoyment model: BMW218i on-line

Recently, a car rental Hi exclusive debut official website announced the launch of BMW 218i experience activities, prior to June 30 (except for Dragon Boat Festival), Monday to Thursday, 299 yuan / day, Friday to Sunday 349 yuan / day, safe rental vehicle cumulative Customers who have been on the 15th day of the first-to-behind order up to now 6 months or they can enjoy the exclusive service. This means that users of a rental car can enjoy the ultimate ride experience of the luxury car BMW 2 Series.
Since its establishment, Car Rental has taken the responsibility of “improving the way people travel and optimizing the allocation of social resources” to promote the healthy development of China’s car rental industry, and to meet the diversified needs of users through continuous upgrading and improvement of service experience.

Last July, a car rental Hi with BMW to launch "BMWi at 360 ° electric projects and programs, to provide related services for the i content owners; thereafter a car rental Hi become a strategic partner of BMW i series of electric vehicles, to provide customers one-stop BMWi exclusive services; March 25 this year, BMW Connaught 1E-time delivery of 160 vehicles for a car rental Hi; April, a car rental Hi thousands of BMW Group signed a framework agreement with BMW product procurement, including BMW The 5- series plug-in hybrid models, the BMW 2 Series, the BMW 3 Series, and the BMW 5 Series have collaborated on several BMW product lines.

In addition to BMW, a number of car hires have also cooperated with Tesla, SAIC Passenger Cars, Dongfeng Peugeot and many other car brands. After reaching a strategic cooperation with a number of brands, a car rental company has continued to introduce new models. By enhancing its own market competitiveness, it also brings more convenience to car rental users.

With the in-depth cooperation between a car rental and a number of car brands, new models are constantly being launched to give users a richer experience. Taking the BMW 218i as an example, a qualifying user only needs 299 yuan to enjoy the day-long experience of the BMW 218i . By cooperating with Yijiao, car brand owners can quickly bring their own brand models to the market, intangibly boosting the car brand promotion. In fact, there has always been a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship between a rental car and various car brands.

Insiders believe that as soon as a rental car is the first Chinese car rental company to be successfully listed in the United States, it has established a firm foothold in the capital market. As far as the current market environment is concerned, the reason why a car rental company frequently cooperates with car brand merchants proves that the car rental industry is still a forward-looking vision and has the courage and strength to build a car rental industry chain. At the same time, it will provide users with a richer experience. As users get a professional, comfortable and high-end car experience, they can quickly accumulate word-of-mouth, which will undoubtedly bring a strong driving force to the next market expansion of car rental.

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