Application of Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Hainan Sericulture

Hainan is located in the tropics. Since the summer of 2014, the Qiongzhong sericulture area has been quite different from the “hot and humid” weather that used to be customary. On the contrary, rare “high-temperature and dry” weather has appeared. In the heat of the sun, the westerly winds, and the long-term rainless heat, the leaves in the dryland mulberry are evaporated and wilted. Many of the lower leaves become orange-yellow, under a hot and westerly wind, from the trunk. drop down. From the record of temperature and humidity in the silkworm rearing, it can be seen that since March 30th, the average daily indoor and outdoor temperatures have been cooled by many parties, but they are still as high as 31.5°C, with a wet-dry difference of 3.5°C and an external temperature as high as 37°C-40. °C, dry and wet difference 6 °C-8 °C or more. This is a rare summer weather with “high temperature and dryness”, and it lasts for more than 60 days on June 8th, which promotes the lack of water, aging, and yellowing of mulberry leaves. According to a survey of several mulberry trees that had been weighed and exposed to dryness, the moisture content was only 54%, which was 18.7% lower than that of 75% of normal mature sap. After mulberry or storage mulberry with low water content is withered, it has a direct impact on the amount of diet, digestibility and digestibility of silkworm, which is not conducive to the growth and development of silkworm, and the breeding results are reduced. For the control of the temperature and humidity in the culture area, temperature and humidity recorders are generally used for monitoring and recording, which provides the basis for formulating measures for breeding.

Spring is the best time for sericulture. Temperatures are relatively comfortable and there are fewer pathogens. However, in the tropical and subtropical regions, the extreme weather with high temperature and dry weather in spring and autumn will have a greater impact on sericulture performance. We have achieved the highest yield record in spring silkworm production through proper cooling and moisturizing measures. This response to the spring and summer extreme weather in the tropical and subtropical regions has a good reference value for raising sericulture performance.

Through the measurement and research of the temperature and humidity recorder, we found that we use water to control the cooling and humidification. By mulberry leaves fresh water, increase the number of breeding, to ensure that the mulberry leaves are fresh, not withered, to ensure silkworm nutrition. By reducing the sun's sunshade measures and water cooling, we can effectively control the indoor temperature and wet/dry difference by moderately cooling the fan. In the implementation of these measures, we must also pay attention to appropriate and appropriate. For example, if the fan is turned on too long, it will cause the mulberry leaves in silkworm mulberry to drier and wilted. The temperature drop is mainly to spray the silkworm outdoor wall and the gutters around the silkworm gutter, reducing the temperature by evaporation, but it must be combined with the sun shade shed, the effect is better. Among the above-mentioned measures, the most important thing is to eat satisfactorily. Because of the high temperature and short duration of the 5th instar, good mulberry satiation is the key to ensuring silkworm nutrition. Because the environment is dry, the general moisture content of the mulberry leaves is low, so it is particularly important to preserve the mulberry leaves and moisturize.

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