Dingbao shares 6 points for designing sun umbrella rain test device

The rain test chamber
or the oscillating rain test chamber and the box rain test chamber are generally designed according to the characteristics of the customer's inspection product, mainly the size and shape. For example, in the umbrella industry, because IPX3 rain test is to be done, IP test kits such as IPX4 rain test are also required. As a result, the device size in the rain test varies greatly. The diameter of a typical sun umbrella is 700 mm, and the diameter of a large sun umbrella is more than 2000 mm, so the detection device needs to be designed considering the size and requirements of different detection products.
Recently, the design of a sun umbrella test device was discussed with a test center. The following points need to be considered in the design:
1. The spray system of the rain test device shall be able to automatically control the water discharge pressure and spray evenly on the umbrella surface to ensure the flow rate specified in the standard, and the water shall be recycled. Water also needs to change fresh water depending on the clean conditions of the water.
2. The rotating table of the fixed umbrella needs to rotate evenly and stably, and it cannot be shaken. The fixture considers automatic clamping. Taking into account the fact that the amount of detection is generally very large, fixtures must fully take into account the fixation of the ribs of different materials, and must be quick and simple. Since the sun umbrella's rain test device is intended to be used in a water environment, the fixture should be waterproof and not rust.
3, spray time needs to be automatically controlled within 2 minutes.
4. Observe that umbrellas and ribs leak should be as intelligent as possible, and video surveillance can be considered if conditions permit. Because of the current manual observation, there is a problem that subjective judgments are easily biased and the observers are easily fatigued.
5. The size of the water receiving device is reasonable, and the diameter needs to be large enough to ensure that all edges of the umbrella can be received by rainwater; the height should be moderate to ensure that the space above the receiving tray can fully expand the large umbrella.
6, it is best to use intelligent PLC control system, all the testing process are programmed.
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