Soil nutrient speed meter fully meets the needs of nutrient speed measurement

The advantage of soil nutrient fast measurement is that the speed and speed are low, and the accuracy of the test can fully meet the requirements of soil testing and fertilization. The core of the soil nutrient measuring instrument is to reduce the cost of soil testing. Due to the high cost of routine analysis (generally 30 to 50 yuan for each item), the field in China is usually very small, the soil fertility is uneven, and the area of ​​soil testing is representative. Often only a few thousand m2, the input of soil testing often exceeds the output of soil testing. This has become a limiting factor in China's promotion of soil testing and fertilization. It is precisely because of this, fertilizer manufacturers often invest more in soil testing than selling fertilizer. According to the land conditions of our country and the author's practice, we can think that the cost of soil testing must be reduced to 4~5 yuan per project to have internal development power for soil testing and fertilization. This is the economic law. The speed measurement technology is to adapt to this economy. Generated and developed by law.

Because the speed measurement requirements of soil nutrient speedometers can be measured in real time on the site, and often cannot wait for more than 1d soil drying time, the speedometer must be equipped with a moisture speed measurement device. It should be said that no moisture measurement device is a speedometer. There are many kinds of rapid assay technology, but the price is very expensive, such as time domain reflectometry (TDR) about 115 million US dollars, neutron moisture meter about 9000 US dollars, and the required soil sample volume is large, mostly used for farmland soil Body water content measurement. Not suitable for rapid measurement. Speed ​​measurement used in the past is the alcohol combustion method, this method is low-cost but slower, and with the instrument equipped with a small balance. Recent developments in capacitance measurement, conductance measurement, etc. Improve the measurement efficiency, the price is between RMB 1000~2000 yuan, the measurement range is between 3%~20%, the error is less than 2%, and it is more suitable for soil sample measurement.

The soil nutrient quickness tester is an urgently needed technology for soil testing and fertilization in rural areas and is attracting attention from the relevant national authorities. The Rural Development Center of the Ministry of Agriculture has explicitly proposed that the rapid measurement technology is one of the key promotion projects. Development is listed as one of the key topics of optical instruments. Rapid measurement technology is moving from immature to mature, from untrusted to trust. With the further improvement of rapid measurement technology, it will surely make greater contributions to China's soil testing and fertilizing cause. .

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