The working principle of these 11 pumps you know what

1, piston pump

Rationale: By reciprocating the piston inside the cylinder, the cylinder volume is repeatedly changed to suck and discharge the fluid.

2, reciprocating pump

Working principle: the use of eccentric shaft rotation through the connecting rod device to drive the movement of the piston, the rotation of the shaft into piston reciprocating motion. Pistons continue reciprocating motion, the pump suction and water pressure on the continuous process of alternating.

Special structure

3, water ring vacuum pump

How it works: Water ring vacuum pump impeller eccentric mounted in a cylindrical pump housing. Pump into a certain amount of water. When the impeller rotates, the water is thrown to the pump housing to form a water ring whose inner surface is tangent to the impeller hub. As the pump housing and the impeller is not the heart, the right half of the hub and the water ring between the intake space 4 gradually expanded, thus forming a vacuum, the gas into the pump into the intake space through the gas pipe. Then the gas enters the left half and the pressure is increased due to the gradual compression of the volume between the hub rings, so that the gas is discharged to the outside of the pump through the exhaust space and the exhaust pipe.

4, Roots vacuum pump

How Does It Work? Roots pumps work like Roots blowers. Due to the constant rotation of the rotor, the drawn gas is sucked into the space v0 between the rotor and the pump housing through the air inlet and then discharged through the air outlet. Since inhaled v0 space is completely closed state, so the gas in the pump chamber is not compressed and expanded. However, when the top of the rotor turns over the edge of the exhaust port, when the v0 space communicates with the exhaust side, since the pressure of the exhaust side gas is higher, a part of the gas bounces back into the space v0 to make the gas pressure suddenly increase. When the rotor continues to rotate, the gas is discharged outside the pump.

In general, Roots pumps have the following features:

● in a wide range of pressure has a larger pumping speed;

● start fast, can work immediately;

● insensitive to the dust and water vapor contained in the gas to be evacuated;

● The rotor does not have to be lubricated and there is no oil in the pump chamber.

● small vibration, rotor balancing conditions are better, there is no exhaust valve;

● drive power is small, mechanical friction loss is small;

● compact structure, small footprint;

● operation and maintenance costs low.

Therefore, Roots pumps in the metallurgical, petrochemical, paper, food, electronics industry sector has been widely used.

5, rotary vane vacuum pump

How it works: Rotary vane vacuum pump (referred to as rotary vane pump) is a seal-type mechanical vacuum pump. The working pressure range of 101325 ~ 1.33 × 10-2 (Pa) belongs to the low vacuum pump. It can be used alone or as a foreline pump for other high-vacuum or ultra-high vacuum pumps. It has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military, electronics, chemicals, light industry, petroleum and pharmaceutical production and research departments.

Rotary vane pump mainly by the pump body, rotor, rotary vane, end caps, springs and other components. A rotator is eccentrically mounted in the cavity of the rotary vane pump, the outer circumference of the rotor is tangent to the inner surface of the pump cavity (both have a small gap), and two rotary vanes with springs are arranged in the rotor slot. Rotation, by centrifugal force and the tension of the spring so that the top of the rotary vane and the inner wall of the pump chamber to maintain contact with the rotor rotation of the rotary vane slide along the wall.

The two vanes separate the crescent-shaped space enclosed by the rotor, the pump chamber and the two end caps into A, B and C sections. When the rotor rotates in the direction of the arrow, the volume of the space A communicating with the suction port gradually increases and is in the process of suction. While the volume of the space C communicating with the exhaust port is gradually reduced and is in the process of exhausting. The volume of the central space B is also gradually reduced, is in the process of compression. Since the volume of space A is gradually increased (ie, expanded), the pressure of the gas is decreased and the pressure of the external gas at the inlet of the pump is greater than the pressure in space A, so gas is drawn in. When the space A and the suction port isolated, that is, to the space B position, the gas began to be compressed, the volume gradually reduced, and finally connected to the exhaust port. When the compressed gas exceeds the pressure of the exhaust gas, the exhaust valve is pushed by the compressed gas and the gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the oil layer in the fuel tank. By the continuous operation of the pump, to achieve the purpose of continuous extraction. If the discharge of gas through the airway and into another level (low vacuum level), from the low vacuum stage pumped away, and then by the low vacuum stage after the discharge to the atmosphere, the composition of the two-stage pump. At this time the total compression ratio is borne by two levels, thus increasing the ultimate vacuum.

7, internal gear pump

What to pay attention to when running

(1) Check if the device has been carefully and completely installed

(2) The pressure fluid can only be filled at the minimum capacity ratio through the filter

(3) Note the arrow in the direction of rotation

(4) Run the pump without load and allow it to run without pressure for a few seconds in order to achieve adequate lubrication

(5) Never run the pump without oil

(6) If the pump is still running for 20 seconds, check the pump again, and after reaching the operating value, check the tightness of the pipe connection

(7) Check the operating temperature

8, external gear pump

9, mud pump

10, gas booster pump

(1) a wide range of working pressure, choose different types of pumps available to different pressure areas,

Adjust the input pressure The output pressure is adjusted accordingly. Can reach very high pressure, gas 90Mpa

(2) A wide range of flow, for all models only 0.1Kg pressure pump will be able to work smoothly, this time to obtain the minimum flow, adjust the intake air flow rate can be obtained after.

(3) easy to control, from simple manual control to complete automatic control can meet the requirements.

(4) automatic restart, no matter what kind of pressure packing circuit pressure drop will automatically restart to supplement the leakage pressure, keep the loop pressure constant.

(5) safe operation, using gas-driven, no arcing and sparks, can be used in hazardous situations.

(6) The maximum energy-saving up to 70%, because maintaining pressure does not consume any energy.

11, gas-liquid booster pump

working principle

The one-way valve controlled by the high-pressure plunger constantly liquid discharge, booster pump outlet pressure and air-driven pressure. When the pressure between the drive section and the output liquid section reaches equilibrium, the booster pump stops operating and consumes no more air. When the output pressure drops or the air-driven pressure increases, the booster pump will automatically start running until it reaches the pressure balance again after the automatic stop.

The use of single gas-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve automatic reciprocating pump, gas drive part of the pump body made of aluminum. Wetted part of the media according to the different choice of carbon steel or stainless steel, pump full set of seals are imported high-quality products, thus ensuring the performance of gas-liquid booster pump.

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Principle of Plate Dryer

Wet raw materials are fed continuously on the first hot plate on the top of dryer. Raw materials then will be turned and agitated under the function of rotating rake. When on the small hot plate, raw material will moving to plate outer edge and drop down from the outer edge of the big hot plate underneath, then will moving inner-ward and drop down from its central hole to the small hot plate on the lower layer. Both small and large drying plates are arranged alternately so that raw material can go through the whole dryer continuously. Dried product will drop from the lowest layer of hot plate to the bottom layer of the chamber body, and will be moved by rakes to discharging port. The moisture will be removed from the moisture discharging port on top of chamber, or sucked out by vacuum pump (only for vacuum type hot plate dryer). 

Advantages of  plate dryer

1. Easy production operation, good adaptability.

(1) User can obtaining the best drying effect by adjusting thickness of raw material pavement, shaft rotating speed, quantity and form of rakes.

(2) Each layer of hot plate could be filled in heating medium or cooling medium for drying or cooling.

(3) Retention time of material can be accurately controlled.

2. Convenient operation

(1) Operation panel is simple to use.

(2) A thorough discharging could be finished very soon after stop feeding

(3) Inspect the whole drying process or dryer washing process via observation window

3. Low energy consumption

(1) The driven motor of dryer consumes very less power.

(2) Drying through indirect heating, which has high efficiency.

4. Friendly operation environment, solvent can be recovered.

(1) Air speed and air volume in drying chamber is very less, powder material is barely blow up.

(2) There has very big range of moisture content between bottom hot plate layer and top hot plate layer, dried powder product which located at bottom layers is far from exhausting vent, wet material which located at top layers has large bulk density. It makes powder barely out.

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