Is the tire pressure of the car so important?

The high temperature season is approaching. Generally, the temperature on the asphalt pavement in the summer is higher than the air temperature. According to relevant investigations, the temperature of the asphalt pavement in the summer can reach more than 60 degrees Celsius. Then we should drive on such a high temperature road surface. Reduce tire pressure to prevent car punctures? Perhaps 20 percent of the 100 car owners don’t know much about tire pressure. However, car tire pressure has a very important relationship with everyone’s safety, so you have car owners. For safe driving, it should be a good habit to check the tire pressure culture.

If the tire pressure of the car is too low or too high, it will endanger everyone's driving safety. If the car tire pressure becomes very high, the ground contact area of ​​the road surface and the tire becomes very small, not only It will lead to gradual reduction of tire grip, especially in the rainy days and relatively wet, it will directly affect the braking distance, which will result in the middle of the tire wear faster, resulting in tire wear Uneven. If the tire pressure of a car tire is too high, it will make the tire appear harder, and its shock absorption effect will become its difference.

Of course, if the car tire pressure is too low, it will cause a puncture. The reason for the occurrence of a flat tire is that when the tire pressure is too low, not only will the friction between the ground and the tire increase, it will overheat, and the other will cause the steel wire in the sidewall rubber curtain. When the tire is rolled to the underside, it is subjected to increased pressure deformation. When the tire rolls over again, the steel wire is immediately restored to its original position under the effect of tension and elasticity under such repeated deformation. It's like the fact that taking the knotted wire in your hands quickly and repeatedly and folding it will generate heat. When the heat produced by a certain point is higher than the heat of the rubber, the rubber will begin to soften. Under the effect of pressure and perforation, the high pressure in the car's tires will be quickly extruded from which hole, the hole will quickly increase and expand, and thus will form a puncture. After knowing relevant data and proof, the puncture under normal circumstances was caused by the low tire pressure of the car. (Text | Sun Ni)

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