·Guangdong Dongguan will add a batch of electric vehicle charging stations

New energy vehicles are not only a new trend in environmental protection, but the government also has a related purchase subsidy policy. Recently, Dongguan, Guangdong has issued relevant policies, and proposed to accelerate the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, in order to form a reasonable, scientific and efficient charging infrastructure system.
According to the "Dongguan City Supply Side Structural Reform Supplementary Short-Term Action Plan (2016-2018)", from 2016 to 2018, Dongguan will invest 100 million yuan to add 75 centralized charging and replacement stations, distributed charging piles. 900, speeding up the formation of a multi-level electric vehicle charging and replacement service system. At the same time, increase the promotion and application of new energy vehicles such as pure electric and plug-in hybrids in the bus industry, and realize the large-scale and commercial operation of new energy buses.
In accelerating the construction of charging facilities, the action plan proposes to build charging facilities for public services such as public and sanitation, urban public charging facilities such as large shopping malls, cultural and sports venues, charging facilities for users' residences, and specialized services combined with self-charging. Charging facility network, intercity rapid charging network, qualified government agencies, public institutions and internal charging infrastructure of enterprises and institutions.
Dongguan will also incorporate the construction of charging and replacing facilities and the construction of supporting power grids into urban and rural planning, and all new residential parking spaces will be built with charging facilities or reserved interfaces; new urban public parking lots and public buildings will be no less than 20 parking spaces. The ratio of % is built to replace the electric pile or reserve interface. In addition, Dongguan is studying the development plan for new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, and all new residential areas will realize full coverage of new energy vehicle charging cables.

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