Guangdong Science and Technology Project of Zhuhai Testing Institute successfully passed the acceptance test

[ Instrument Network Instrument R&D ] Recently, the former Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau Science and Technology Project “Research and Design of Elevator Guide Multi-Parameter Inspection Robot” (No. 2016CT07) and “Developed by Zhuhai Testing Institute of Guangdong Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute” The acceptance of the development of crane inspection equipment based on laser tracking technology (No. 2016CT02) was successfully held in Foshan.
The "Research and Design of Multi-parameter Inspection Robot for Elevator Guide" project studied the key points of two-dimensional vertical deviation detection of elevator guide rail, top surface distance detection of elevator guide rail, T-rail joint seam identification, rail bracket identification, and guide rail installation quality hidden danger location. The technology has designed the multi-parameter inspection robot system for elevator guide rails, and developed the elevator guide rail climbing robot with multi-parameter simultaneous measurement and hidden danger positioning. It has better solved the problem that the installation quality of elevator guide rails relies on manual detection, low efficiency and poor precision.
The project "Development of hoisting machinery inspection instruments based on laser tracking technology" has studied a number of inspection items based on laser tracking technology to measure the upper camber, lower deflection, static stiffness, cantilever uplift, and wheel span of the hoisting machinery. The key technology has developed a laser tracking hoisting machinery detector to solve the problem of low efficiency of the above detection items of the hoisting machinery.
At the meeting, the acceptance team established by the five units of the National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong) and Guangdong University of Technology listened to the project technical work summary report, consulted the relevant materials, and watched the project demonstration video. The expert group considered the above projects. All the requirements specified in the task book (contract) have been completed, and the project acceptance has been agreed.
(Original title: Zhuhai Testing Institute "Research and Design of Elevator Guide Multi-Parameter Inspection Robot" and other two scientific and technological projects passed the acceptance test)

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