Zhihai Platform successfully achieved the first innovation project docking

Recently, the large-scale plate-fin heat exchanger cold box development project for natural gas liquefaction has successfully completed docking through the CSIC platform of CSIC. This is the first innovative project to complete the docking through the Zhihai platform, which marks the smooth landing of the new journey of China Shipping Heavy Industry Group's “Internet+” thinking to promote the upgrading of traditional enterprises and promote the sharing of manufacturing resources.
        The large-scale plate-fin heat exchanger cold box development project for natural gas liquefaction announced the tender information from January 18, and provided the solution to the scientific research team to complete the online expert review until the project was finally signed, with a period of less than 3 months. In the end, the team of experts from Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully won the bid for the project.
        The main innovation of the project is the reliability and safety of the heat exchanger cold box operation under LNG-FPSO conditions. The plate-fin heat exchanger cold box is much more complicated and harsher than the land environment. In the LNG-FPSO environment, firstly, the platform will be sloshed by waves, waves and currents during the whole production process. This sloshing will be transmitted to the plate-fin heat exchanger, and the conditions for liquefaction heat transfer of the heat exchanger will be generated. The cold box and gas-liquid separator may deviate from the design conditions. Once the fault occurs due to deviation from the design condition, the LNG liquefaction process will be interrupted, which will not only have a serious impact on production, but also may lead to major safety accidents; Secondly, the plate-fin heat exchanger is facing the test of harsh environment such as sea moisture and corrosion. Thirdly, there will be a large number of power equipment on the platform. The work of these equipment will produce different degrees of vibration, so it will also be a plate-fin heat exchanger. The strength of the structure itself and the connection with other components of the system have certain influence; in addition, the LNG-FPSO platform itself must not only have the water supply and power supply equipment to meet the life of the personnel, but also have all the equipment needed for industrial production, and a large amount of production. The living modules will be concentrated in a relatively compact space. The degree of danger in different layout areas is different. The safety level of different areas needs to be evaluated according to the safety requirements of the area where the plate-fin heat exchanger cold box is located, and the degree of danger in each area is divided.
        At present, there are more than 140 projects in the online recruitment program of the platform, and nearly 20 are in the process of docking and negotiation.
        Zhihai platform website: http://

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