Four stages that have to be faced by foreign immigrants

The four major new immigrants that overseas immigrants had to face left their hometowns and came to a completely strange country and environment. They had to start again and start their second venture, and they would have to face many difficulties and incompatibility. The intensity of confusion, overwhelming, and mood swings that occur during this process depends on the degree of differences between the two old and new environmental cultures. The greater the national cultural differences of overseas immigrants, the more pronounced the performance of cultural shocks. However, as a social person, overseas immigrants can eventually integrate into the local community.
The famous American management psychologist Dr. Stephen Robbins conducted a systematic analysis and profound research on cultural shocks, and summed up the persuasive cycle theory of the “four stages of cultural shock”.
The first stage of overseas immigration: the fresh period (about the first month)
Overseas immigrants have just arrived in a brand-new environment. Freshness has become a major feeling. Every day, as the tourist looks at the scenery and shopping, things that are different will also look interesting. The new overseas immigrants will feel that everything is very fresh and full of curiosity about the surrounding things. Newcomers to this stage are very excited and have a good mood.
The second phase of overseas immigration: the lost period (about the second or third month)
After the sightseeing period, the sense of freshness has passed, and places where overseas immigrants should look have been watched. The food they eat has also been eaten, and the purchased food has also been bought. Looking at the scene is not as good as listening to the scene. Once the things that overseas immigrants have been waiting for for many years have arrived, it is just that. It seems to be more attractive. At this stage, the sense of loss of the newcomers begins to surface and the mood begins to decline.
The third phase of overseas immigration: low tide (about the fourth to sixth months)
If the cultural differences in the first two phases are not yet obvious, the new environment has barely manifested all the cultural differences for new overseas immigrants at this time, which has exacerbated the feeling that new immigrants are unaccustomed, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. Overseas immigrants return to the real scene of life from the illusion of the tourists: problems such as finding a house, finding a job, finding a school for their children, and other problems have come to the forefront, calling it annoying.
Faced with all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, new immigrants are even more concerned about the power, status, relationship, family, and friends they have in the past; houses, cars, tickets, schools, and other prestigious and superior living conditions and living environment. In the face of plummeting contrasts, the loss, frustration, confusion, and even regret after frustration, it took time to break through the minds of new immigrants like the five-flavor bottle, and many people even started to think about returning home. This stage is the period when the overseas immigrants have the lowest mood and the worst emotions.
The fourth phase of overseas immigration: the recovery period (approximately half a year later)
After a half-year transition, the severe fluctuations in the previous period tend to be gentle. New overseas immigrants gradually adapt to the local cultural differences, and many negative attitudes are gradually diluted. Most new immigrants are able to face reality and convince themselves that they will not only come out of the country, they will be safe, do as the Romans do, and be safe with each other. At this stage, the mood of immigrants gradually returned to normal.
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