Henan Shangshui Launches Smart Metering Reform Project

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Industry] A few days ago, Henan Shangshui County Company fully started the smart metering renovation project and further promoted the full coverage of smart meters. The smart meter renovation project will improve the quality of power supply for users and accelerate the pace of power supply infrastructure construction.

The smart meter renovation project is a Huimin project, which is conducive to electricity customers in real-time control of electricity, to meet the right to information, to save electricity, reduce the amount of electricity expenses, but also to enhance the regional smart grid construction, improve electricity for residents An important measure of service. The Shangshui County company has taken the installation and promotion of the use of smart meters as a key project, carefully organized and carefully arranged, established a leading group, set up under construction, commissioning, meter supply, material recovery, and project acceptance. 10 project teams such as safety supervision; increase the promotion of smart meter installation and promotion, organize staff to go to the village to explain the use of smart watches to customers, function features, as well as the display of prompt information; conscientiously do a good job of the preparations for the construction , organize the construction unit and related installation personnel to participate in the smart watch replacement special training, clear the specific requirements of the safety engineering, construction technology, and data file archiving of the renovation project, high standards, high quality, high standards to complete the smart table reconstruction and power consumption information collection System construction work.

In the process of transformation, the staff needs to do one: inform the customer in advance of the power outage information and rotation plan. The second is to organize the staff to go to the village to explain the use of smart watches to the customer's use methods, features, and display the prompt message. The third is to publicize the old meter's electricity to facilitate the people's checking. Fourthly, during the construction process, the relevant regulations shall be strictly followed to carry out the work, and the work plan shall be strictly observed to accomplish the tasks of quality and quantity.

In order to gain the understanding and support of the local people, the company increased the promotion of smart meter installation and promotion, and organized local staff to enter the villages, communities and customers to conduct face-to-face exchanges, post announcements, and distribute leaflets to the local people. The promotion and introduction of the advantages of smart meters, in-depth promotion of the reasons for smart meter replacement, smart meter characteristics, use methods and functions, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of smart meter installation work.

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