Hebei Iron and Steel Enterprise's Future Is Unclear

In the 1970s and 1980s, workers as coal mines and iron and steel enterprises were better than current civil servants. With the rapid development of China's science and technology, economic regulation and environmental protection have become more important. About 300 million tons of steel excess steel production capacity needs to be fully cleared, and plans to close 60% of steel companies,

"China Steel sees Hebei". This sentence was originally a tribute to Hebei's steel industry. However, today's Hebei Steel is experiencing the most difficult period in history. Hebei Manul Company is also facing unprecedented pressure as a terminal processing company for steel. Mr. Wu, a salesman of Hebei Dana Company, truly felt the change of steel production from warm spring to cold winter.

Excessive steel production capacity not only needs to reduce production, but also needs to completely shut down some steel companies. This means that the existing staff of the steel bank must divert and reduce staff, and the laid off has become an irreversible trend. Employees of steel companies who mocked themselves “to catch up with the bad age of steel” told reporters that “we have been working for more than 10 years and are currently facing uncertainties. We are both embarrassed and frightened. The former steel companies are the pillar industries in the region. Many managers of steel companies have used very vivid language to describe the most prosperous era of the steel industry: “Investing in two production lines and earning money is like using a rake.” “A steel mill is a banknote printing machine, and the daily bonuses” ......

However, from time to time, the steel industry began to enter a downward path since 2010, and steel prices have been falling. Due to severe overcapacity, by 2012, the steel prices have been plunged. They have been falling back to the level of the 1990s and sold as "bib" prices. Hebei Manol Rail Accessories Factory revealed that it will not be closed in the latter half of 2015. Nearly a quarter of steel processing companies,. Although steel prices have picked up this year, such industries as iron and steel, coal, and cement have excess capacity and the environment is deteriorating, and other vocabularies are frequently seen in newspapers.

As the province with the largest steel production capacity, Hebei has assigned the task of reducing crude steel production capacity by 60 million tons by the end of 2017. Where do iron and steel production go? Many small-scale steel mills and steel processing companies are shut down due to environmental pollution caused by energy saving and emission reduction. The rest of the companies are on the wait-and-see attitude and can only take one step further.

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