Weichai Group has made great achievements in informatization construction and deployment

Recently, the results of the “2012 National Informatization and Industrialization Depth Convergence Demonstration Enterprise” conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology were announced and the Weichai Group was on the list.

This assessment has been evaluated by the provincial and municipal departments of industry and informatization, industry associations, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and 218 national-level in-depth demonstration enterprises of informatization and industrialization integration covering 27 industries have been selected nationwide. Weichai Group won this award with its outstanding performance in the machinery industry.

In recent years, Weichai Group has conscientiously implemented the national strategy for promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, insisted on information technology as an important means of continuously promoting the improvement of the industrialization level of enterprises, and industrialization as a strong support for the rapid improvement of the level of enterprise informatization. Through the deep integration of the two companies, the company's operational control, technological innovation, and production capabilities have been greatly improved. In the future development, Weichai Group will continue to improve the overall level of integration and integration to meet the needs of the company's global operations and control, continue to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, play a role in the demonstration of the national integration of the depth of integration.

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