JAC vacuum cleaner

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Product Description JAC vacuum cleaner is an innovative product independently researched and developed by Hubei Heili Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is a clear superiority of the vacuum cleaning effect of the Jianghuai vacuum cleaner. City sanitation, port terminals, highways, coal mining plants, metal smelting industry and other special environment and professional production of products, get a good cleaning effect, by the majority of users of praise.

Performance characteristics 1, driving comfort and light. The cab is air-conditioned for power steering.
2, the operating system is a touch screen type, with a display screen.
3, strong reliability, clear suction effect is ideal. The edge suction cup system adopts a flexible anti-collision avoidance design to ensure the safety of the suction process.

Application Area Clearing, spraying, and flushing operations of highways, trunk roads, county and township roads, urban roads, scenic spots and airport road stones. Can clear the stones commonly used stone, melon skin, fruit core, paper scraps, plastic bags, mineral water bottles, stones, bricks, dust and rubble, such as rubble.

Product Performance Advantages 1. Good dust-removing effect No secondary dust, pure suction operation, high-efficiency filtration system, garbage collected into the box can achieve particle and dust separation through gravity dust reduction, inertia dust removal, etc. To stay up and use the automatic pulse vibration system to avoid clogging of the filtration system. The cleaning effect is good. No manual intervention is required. Clean air is discharged and no secondary pollution occurs.
Second, the use of low cost: pure suction operation, do not frequently change the brush, only a small amount of rubber wearing parts, low maintenance costs.
Third, adaptability: equipped with night work lights and infrared cameras, work at night as usual.
Fourth, the structure is simple, easy to operate: no sweeping brush, roller brush and other regulatory agencies, the operating system is a touch screen, simply by the cab control panel can easily control the main and auxiliary engine start and stop, fan speed up and down, Vacuum tray lift, rear door switch, cabin lift, sprinkler switch, etc.

Technical Parameters
No. project name parameter
1 Vehicle model HLQ5061TXC
2 Overall dimensions (mm) 6640X2120X2620
3 Chassis model JAC HFC1061K1T
4 Wheelbase (mm) 3815
5 Total mass (kg) 6495
6 Service quality (kg) 5900
7 Shaft charge (kg) 2340/4155
8 Fuel type Diesel
9 Maximum speed 95km/h
10 Lowest speed 2.28km/h
11 Main engine power and model 80KW Chaoyang CY4102-C3D
12 Secondary engine power and model 57KW Jiangling JE493G3
13 Maximum suction width 3-15m
14 Maximum suction particle size 120mm
15 Trash capacity 5900L
16 Water tank capacity 2060L
17 Rear door suction tube length (m) 4-10m
18 Road surface width (m) >15m
19 Cleaning rate % 99%
20 Dust box maximum tilting angle (°) 47
twenty one Maximum cleaning speed 20km/h

The vehicle is equipped with JAC vacuum cleaner (Jianghuai Weiling Bell) sweeping width of 2.4m - 2.8m, garbage bin capacity of 4 squares, water tank capacity of 3 squares, vacuum cleaner with an auxiliary pipette, can be used to pick up garbage in the health corner And installation of an efficient spray dust-removal device at the time of unloading can prevent a large amount of dust from being generated when the dumpster is dumped. The vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the ground, clean the roadsides, clean the roads and clean the roads, and sprinkle water on the ground after cleaning. It can be used to clean various climates and different dry roads. It is more suitable for squares, roads, and houses. Cleaning, dust removal in places such as residential areas, parking lots, docks, airports, stations, cement plants, and power plants. JAC vacuum cleaner has the advantages of wide range of vacuum suction, high net absorption rate, no secondary dust in suction mouth, no dust emission from outlet, high work efficiency, etc. It is the first choice for sanitation department cleaning and material recovery. Widely used in dusty, high-density and high-density industrial and mining enterprises that are prone to generate dust pollution. It is also suitable for rapid cleaning and maintenance of urban elevated highways and bridges. It is also applicable to urban trunk roads, high-grade highways and highways. Cleaning and cleaning.

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