China is expected to become Bentley's largest market in the world

China is expected to become Bentley's largest market in the world In 2012, the global delivery of Bentley Motors quickly increased from 7003 units in 2011 to 8510 units. The sales volume increased by as much as 22%, which also allowed Bentley to continue to lead the world in ultra-luxury car brands. Among them, in 2012, Bentley Automotive delivered 2457 vehicles to the U.S. market, an increase of 22% compared to 2011; followed by the Chinese market, it delivered 2,253 vehicles, an increase of 23% compared to the same period of 2011, setting a new record for Bentley Motors. With a new high in sales in China, Bentley continues to be the second largest market in the world.

“It was a very rewarding year for Bentley in 2012. This is inseparable from Bentley’s tireless research and development of new models and the hard work of all Bentley employees.” Recently, Bentley Motor’s performance in 2012 was achieved. Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, chairman and chief executive officer, stated that in 2013 the competition in the ultra-luxury car market is still fierce and the situation is still severe, but we firmly believe that with the introduction of more heavyweight models, Bentley Motors is expected to maintain Steady sales growth.

From January 1, 2013, with Bentley Motors China officially becoming the importer and general agent of Bentley Motors in China, all of its core businesses will be under the unified responsibility of the Greater China headquarters in Beijing. The headquarters of Bentley Greater China will also be responsible for overseeing the markets in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Experts in the industry analyze that taking back the agent rights of imported vehicles not only regulates the sales behavior of the market, but also can more effectively maintain the brand image and carry out security expansion.

“Among every 10 Musan models built by Creo Plant, 4 were purchased by consumers in the Chinese market, among which the Bimilli Mucha’s Commemorative Edition was even more sought after by Chinese consumers. At the same time, as the largest Bentley car In the four-door luxury car market, China continues to be the largest Bentley Continental flying sales region,” said Schreiber. It is estimated that by the end of 2013, Bentley will have more than 40 authorized dealers in Greater China, covering all major provinces.

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