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Composition of structural gear pumps, power take-offs, junction cylinders, oil filters, multi-way valves, hydraulic winches, hydraulic locks, balance valves, tow chains, etc.

Precautions for Purchase Always pay attention to whether the vehicle is equipped with a warning light (red or blue or full yellow strobe), auxiliary wheels (two), binding band (at least four rolls), jack, Vehicle tools, chassis certification, vehicle certification, warranty manual, service station directory, motor vehicle invoices, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the fuel tank cap is in good condition and whether the cigarette lighter is in good condition. Make sure there are no problems in the above mentioned car.

The main technical parameters 1, basic performance parameters
·Dimensions (mm) 7150×2320×2420 (Length*Width*Height)
·Maximum total mass (kg) 6125
·Quality (kg) 4800
The maximum speed (kg/h) 90
·100 km fuel consumption (L/100km) 16
2, special performance parameters
· Rated lifting mass (kg) 800
· Support arm extension stroke (mm) 1180
·Maximum effective length of support arm (mm) 1300
The highest traction speed (kg/h) 30
· Rated traction mass (kg) 3000
·Wire rope length (m) 21
· Twisting rope speed (m/min) 8
Platform size (mm) 5300*2300 (length * width)
· Platform minimum tilt angle (o) 10
·Platform working stroke (mm) 2680
· The maximum carrying capacity of the platform (kg) 3000
3, the main parameters of the chassis
·Chassis model EQ1070TJ9AD3
·Maximum power 80
Wheelbase 3800

Working principle {1}Power take-off device
The force-taking device consists of an oil pump, a power take-off device, and a flexible shaft pull wire. Used to output the vehicle's power to the oil pump and become hydraulic energy. It is through the action of the handle installed in the cab of the car, through the flexible shaft cable to make the power take-off gear engage with or separate from the power take-off output gear in the car gearbox, so as to make the oil pump work or stop.
Note: When the car is moving, the force-taking teeth in the power take-off should be disengaged and the oil pump should not be operated.
{2} Hydraulic Transmission
After the power take-off is engaged, the oil pump works and the high pressure oil enters the multi-way reversing valve. By manipulating the different handles on the reversing valve, various actions can be performed.
{3} Traction System
High pressure oil drives the hydraulic motor to drive the winch. When the hydraulic motor is working, its control valve handle is in the “discharge” position, which can automatically put the wire rope and pull the control valve handle to “receive” position. At this time, the vehicle is towed or the wire rope is retracted.
Note: When the vehicle is running normally, the wire rope hook should be tightly hung on the ring hole at the end of the plate.
{4} Lifting device
This model uses a tire carrier, which is divided into a front bracket and a rear bracket. The front bracket is placed on both ends of the swing arm and fixed with a spring pin. The rear bracket is inserted into the square hole of the front bracket and fixed with a pin, and the tire is locked with a fastening zipper.

Operation method 1, operation of power take-off
The engagement or disengagement of the power take-off must be accomplished by a clutch, ie, depress the clutch pedal first to disengage the clutch, open or close the power take-off, and release the clutch pedal.
Note: The power take off device must not be forced to engage.
2. Operation of hydraulic winch
a Pull out the power take-off handle, engage the power take-off, and work the oil pump.
b Follow the operation sign indicating that the plate is in place.
c Operate the platform lift handle to fit the platform to the ground.
d Secure the wire rope securely in place on the towing vehicle with a chain or fastening cable.
e Shrink the wire rope, pull the vehicle onto the plate, and fix it with the hook.
3. Tow operation
a Open the wrecker to a suitable location, in line with the towed vehicle;
b Joint power take-off (operation method as before)
c In accordance with the operation signs, put the arm in place
d Stretch the telescopic arm into position (not to be less than 25 cm, ie telescopic arm second hole)
e. Insert the rear bracket of the tire into the square hole of the front bracket, clamp the tire, and fix it with the pin and the front bracket.
f. Fasten the tire to the bracket with a fastener
g. Release the hand brake of the towed vehicle, the shift lever is set to the neutral position, if the towed vehicle is lifted from the rear end, the steering wheel should be fixed and it cannot be turned;
i. Turn off the power take-off device (operating method as before), and towing, the speed does not exceed 30km/h
j. Arrived at the designated position, put down the towed vehicle and reset each part.

Maintenance even the best product if you leave the meticulous care and proper maintenance, it will not have lasting vitality. In order to use and maintain your vehicle well, please operate and maintain it as follows:
1. Check the valves, cylinders, and joints of the hydraulic system for leaks before the vehicle is out of the vehicle. If any leaks occur, tighten or replace the seals. Replace the leaked hydraulic components.
2. Always check the lifting, pulling and attachment parts for damage or loss.
3. After the dedicated part is used or used 250 times per month, grease shall be applied to each lubrication point (the grease is tin 3# lithium grease). Hydraulic cylinder piston rods must not be greased;
4, the hydraulic winch rope will be fully released every month, scrubbed with oil;
5. The new car should not be replaced with hydraulic oil for more than half a year for the first time. It can be replaced at any time after the oil is dirty or aged, but it cannot exceed one year.
6, the hydraulic system must use the specified hydraulic oil, its brand name is YC-N46 or YC-N68 low-condensation hydraulic oil (ie the old brand No. 30 or No. 40 hydraulic oil);
7. When filling the hydraulic oil, the gear pump should run at a low speed, let the telescopic cylinder, the folding arm cylinder and the cylinder to reciprocate 2-3 times, and the hydraulic winch rotates forward and backward for 2 rounds to ensure that the air in the hydraulic system can Drain all the vent holes in the fuel tank cap. The amount of hydraulic fluid in the final tank should be maintained between the lower and lower limits of the dipstick. When the hydraulic oil is added, it must be filtered using a filter with an accuracy of not less than 25 μm;
8. Cleaning points of multi-way reversing valve. (In the case of a common multi-way reversing valve, the principle of multiple reversing valves of other types is the same)
1. Use a 30-point opening or box wrench to unscrew the relief valve.
2. Block the mouth with a clean gauze to prevent large spills of oil.
3. Clean out the debris that the arrow points to. Use a cross to press the inner tip of the tip, repeatedly, and add a little hydraulic oil until the impurities are removed from the hole.
9, the use of chassis, maintenance, please refer to the chassis manual.

The use of flat wrecker warning lights requires the use of wrecker warning lights. Wrecker warning lights are classified into two types of colors: engineering yellow (civilian) and red and blue (police). The state requires individuals to install red and blue police lights. Be sure to apply for a warning light and relevant procedures at the local authorities. The installation of the yellow police lights do not have to go through the relevant procedures.

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