Several measures to reduce the brakes of the cleaning unit

The open-cleaning cotton combiner machine often has a brake phenomenon in the production process, and the fault is frequent when it reaches three or four times per shift. When the car is braked, a large amount of fiber is cut into "radish wire", and "radish wire" can only be used after being opened, or used for the production of sub-brand yarn in rotor spinning, which causes a great waste to the production of the enterprise. If the fault is not handled in time, it may cause mechanical accidents such as burning the motor and hitting the dust rod, which will reduce the operating rate of the machine and cause great waste of raw materials and electricity. Therefore, reducing brakes is an important task to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

After many observations in production, the main reasons for the brakes are as follows:

(1) The operating rate of each machine for cleaning cotton is low, the raw material is not loose enough, the cotton block is large, and the car is easy to drive;
(2) The air flow of the dust filter equipment and the cotton conveying duct is not smooth, the operation of the cotton stream is blocked, and the transfer is difficult, resulting in a brake;
(3) The tension of the conveyor belt is slack, and the belt slips during operation, causing the running speed of the machine such as the beater and the dust cage to drop instantaneously, and the cotton layer is gathered in the beater and the dust cage, causing the brake;
(4) The balance time of the raw cotton in the classification room is not enough. The raw cotton has high humidity and is not easy to open. The resistance in the transportation is large, and it is tumbling up and down, causing the brakes.

According to the above reasons, the following measures can be taken to effectively prevent the occurrence of brake failure.

(1) Adjust the separation distance of each machine, improve the operation rate of each machine under the premise of ensuring supply, ensure sufficient opening, uniform mixing and stable supply. The operating rate of the disc cotton picker is controlled at 70%~75%, the operating rate of the A006B type blender is controlled at 80%-85%, and the operating rate of the A092 double cotton box feeding machine is controlled at about 90%, so that it can be controlled from Eliminate the occurrence of brake failure in the process;
(2) Regularly check the dust removal system, remove the foreign matter in the air duct, replace the filter screen, make the wind smooth, and the cotton flow is smooth;
(3) Reconstruct the conveyor belt of the open concealed cotton parts, change the flat tape to triangle tape or wax the tape frequently, increase the friction, ensure the speed of each main process component meets the design requirements, and make the opening fully. Evenly mixed;
(4) Before the use of raw cotton, the process design requirements should be balanced in the classification room for more than 24 hours, and then put into use after the specified resurgence.

In addition, it is very important to strengthen production management. Cotton box workers should strengthen their patrols in the class and find that the vehicles are handled in time to keep the losses within the minimum scope. The mechanics should adjust the faulty machines in time to ensure the orderly production. To achieve the goal of eliminating the brakes, improving product quality, saving and reducing consumption.

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