Anshan Iron and Steel successfully developed 00 pipeline steel

It was learned from Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. that the X100 pipeline steel wide and thick plate produced by Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the straight seam welded steel pipe rolled by it have successfully passed the test evaluation of the domestic petroleum research institute, the authoritative scientific research institution. This shows that Angang has become the first steel company in China with a small number of high-grade pipeline steel technology and production capacity in the world.

In the “family” of pipeline steel, X100 pipeline steel has higher strength than steel grade products such as X80, which has good low temperature toughness, welding and forming properties, and can improve the economics of pipeline construction and operation technology. Sex. In recent years, with the development of long-distance oil and gas pipelines to large diameters and high pressures, domestic and foreign steel companies have increased their R&D and reserve of high-grade steel pipelines of X100 and above to enhance their competitive advantages. Previously, only a few steel companies in Japan, Germany and Other countries in the world had the ability to produce X100 pipeline steel, and domestic steel companies have yet to make a contribution.

Pipeline steel production technology has high requirements for the steel machinery enterprise's process equipment, production control, quality assurance and overall level of technological innovation. On the basis of the successful application of its pipeline steel products to more than 20 domestic and international key pipeline projects, such as the West-East Gas Pipeline Project and the Pakistan Pipeline, Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has developed a good system according to the idea of ​​“production first generation, development first generation, reserve generation”. The market prospect of X100 pipeline steel has seized the market commanding heights of the same industry in China.

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