Jinmao Company manufactures 10,000 tons of rotary kiln support wheel to fill the domestic gap

Hunan Hengyang Hengye Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a 10,000-ton rotary kiln large roller manufactured by Jinmao Company. It has recently passed the Chengdu Cement Industry Design Institute, Sinoma International Cement Equipment Company and Shanghai New Cement Machinery Co., Ltd. The comprehensive acceptance of the expert joint acceptance team. Experts believe that this product has filled the domestic gap, and China's castings are no longer dependent on imports.

The roller is made of ZG35CrMo with a maximum thickness of nearly 1 meter and extremely high technical requirements. Mainly reflected in the hardness of the outer surface of the surface has reached the domestic limit of HB220 ~ 260, and this material of the roller usually heat treatment normalizing hardness can only reach HB170 ~ 190. In addition, the technical requirements also require that the surface depth of the roller is within 35mm, the ultrasonic flaw detection conforms to the national secondary standard, and the other parts must reach the fourth or higher level. According to reports, Jinmao Company achieved the above requirements under the condition that the existing production conditions were greatly restricted. For example, heat treatment in the conventional way requires the construction of a pond that can hold more than 600 tons of oil.

In order to overcome this technical difficulty, Jinmao took the following measures: First, do a good job in technical preparation, and study in advance the various measures to meet the requirements of users. If high-tech means such as computer solidification simulation software is used, the size and position of the feeder's riser are accurately simulated to ensure that the roller passes the second-level flaw detection. In addition, special smelting processes and heat treatment processes are established, such as controlling the most critical elements of the chemical composition that affect hardness, and strictly controlling the sulfur and phosphorus content to ensure that the hardness of the roller reaches the user's requirements. The second is to pay close attention to the implementation of technical measures.

Develop special work instructions, process cards, operating procedures and other documents to provide technical guidance to each process and quality inspection department, and also convene technical workers in key processes such as smelting to open a special meeting to carry out technical exchanges. Quality control of the process ensures that technical measures are in place.

Due to the effective measures, Jinmao's technical breakthrough exceeded the requirements of the user's compliance with the national secondary standard for ultrasonic testing on the top of the roller, which caused the entire inner surface of the roller to pass the secondary inspection and found no defect. The experts were very surprised by this and they praised them.

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