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In 2009, thanks to the impact of the automotive industry in the countryside and the development of the central and western regions of the country, the demand for the northwestern light truck market, which has been tepid, has grown rapidly. Weichai Power's Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yangchao”) also saw a surge in sales in the northwestern region, and its light truck power capacity increased by 57% compared to 2008.

A few days ago, reporters learned from an interview in Xi'an that, in addition to the market environment, Yichai’s sales performance in the region was inextricably linked with its many years of hard work in the field of after-sales service. Outstanding service, adequate supply of parts, partnerships with vehicle companies and distributors helped it achieve a good market performance.

Trinity Service Awareness

"The main reason for insisting on the adoption of the Yangchai engine is the establishment of a very harmonious relationship between us," said Peng Lanjun, general manager of Gansu Nanhua Yuejin Xinyuan Automobile & Trading Co. He told reporters that he first contacted Yangchai's engines in 2003, after which the cooperation between the two parties has been very close. In 2009, Xinyuan Automobile & Trading Company sold more than 1,300 light trucks, of which nearly 1,000 were equipped with Yangchai engines, which accounted for more than 80% of the total. "Yangchai's engines are of good quality and are suitable for the northwestern plateau region. Moreover, their service support to dealers is good. All year round, they are organizing customer return visits and service promotions." Peng Lanjun believes that Yangchai took the initiative in organizing and cooperating with distributors. Service maintenance activities not only improved user satisfaction, promoted secondary sales, but also indirectly improved the reputation of dealers.

Wan Xuebo, manager of the Xi'an Area of ​​Yangchai Marketing Co., Ltd., has been working in the Northwest region for more than seven years and has established a close and trustable partnership with local distributors and regional representatives of vehicle manufacturers. He believes that in the market, vehicle companies, engine companies, and distributors are partners with common interests. In the practice of many years of service, they insist on practically maintaining users, factories, and distributors through empathy. Business interests.

“Yangchao’s authorized service stations are highly praised for Yangchai’s adherence to principles and flexible after-sales service. Sometimes it is the engine failure caused by improper user operations. However, Yangchai always makes appropriate concessions from the perspective of the user. Replacement of parts, maintenance services and Other aspects of humane treatment." Shaanxi Autosen Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. Li Xuezhong said.

Simon Bai, the chief representative of Nanjing Iveco Shaanxi, also expressed his gratitude to Yangchai’s spirit of taking care of the overall situation expressed in the service: “If the maintenance of parts and components is not resolved, the brand image of the vehicle will be damaged, because the user thinks this is a whole. The responsibility of the car companies. This practice of Yangchai also maintains the image of the manufacturers."

For many years, Yang Chai has been adhering to a market-oriented approach, focusing on communication, interaction and cooperation, and building customer relationships that are understandable, caring and harmonious. Yangchai often organizes a variety of user conferences with OEMs and distributors to understand the needs of users and follow-up services in a timely manner. Yangchai is also unique in choosing dealers. "We usually choose to cooperate with and cooperate with dealers with good reputation and rich marketing experience, rather than blindly looking for large-scale businesses." Wan said.

Service protection suits local conditions

Consumers in different regions have their own special needs. This demand is not only embodied in products, but also reflected in service demands. In the northwest region with a vast area, poor weather conditions and low consumption power, Yangchai's services are also based on local conditions. While ensuring the supply of adequate accessories, services are more flexible.

The average service radius of the northwestern region of Yangchai is 100 kilometers. In many remote areas of Xinjiang, it is difficult to meet this standard and there is a shortage of service stations. Under such circumstances, how to ensure timely maintenance and adequate supply of accessories? On the one hand, Yangchai has made great efforts to develop service stations in concentrated sales areas to ensure the convenience of maintenance. On the other hand, establish a direct sales center for accessories. Yangchai took the lead in setting up the first direct sales center in the northwest region to meet the needs of users to purchase accessories. At present, there are three Yangchai Parts Outlet Centers in the northwest region. Shaanxi Otseng Motor Trade Co., Ltd. is the general agent for Yangchai's accessories in Shaanxi. The executive deputy general manager of the company, Lan Chang, said that Yangchai achieved the marketization of the accessory system earlier through the accessory outlet center, and the complete range of accessories provided great convenience for the majority of users.

“The supply of engine parts is usually coordinated by its various offices and branches. Yangchai separates the supply of spare parts from the service supporting system and implements market-oriented operation. Not only is the price more reasonable, but it also meets the need for direct end-user purchases. Needs.” Wan Xuebo told reporters that they attach great importance to the integration of market resources. Yangchai has ensured the timely and accurate supply of accessories through cooperation with distributors and parts distributors around the world and created differentiated service brands.

Compensation after first service

In the northwestern region, many light truck consumers have low purchasing power. They belong to a group of customers who lack the daily maintenance knowledge of vehicles and are sensitive to the price of vehicle maintenance services. The resulting various after-sales service disputes have caused headaches for manufacturers and distributors.

In this regard, Yang Chai took the following approach. One is to serve first and then to find a problem; the second is to take the initiative to circumvent problems that arise later. The so-called “first service” and “find problem” mean that after a problem occurs in the user's vehicle, Yangchao’s service personnel will help the user solve the problem in time, then inform the user of the cause of the failure in detail, and inform them of measures and practices to prevent the occurrence of the malfunction, and avoid similar problems. Happen again. Active service is to make a return visit in time after the user purchases the vehicle, and details the matters that should be taken care of during use. “For customers who buy a large number of customers, we will visit home through the delivery of lubricants and other gifts. We will train the drivers in a unified manner and let them understand the operating characteristics of the engine and the daily maintenance precautions.” Wan Xuebo told reporters, This active tracking service avoids many vehicle breakdowns.

“In the increasingly common phenomenon of homogenization of products, it is increasingly important for differentiated services to win trust from customers,” said Wan Xuebo. Facts have proved that it is precisely this humanized service that allows Yangchai's engines to grow from scratch in the northwest region. From there to more, it gradually becomes the mainstream driving force for light trucks in the northwest region.

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