Anhui Chaohu will build a new coal chemical base

Recently, at the "Surveying Industry Transfer Conference in Chaohu City, Anhui Province," held by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Qiang stated that Chaohu will make every effort to build a new coal chemical industry base and equipment manufacturing industry with independent intellectual property rights, and undertake industrial transfer. Enhance industrial grades and build important coal chemical bases and equipment manufacturing industries in China.
Chen Qiang said that in the “One Axis, Two Cores and Two Wings” plan of the Lancang River demonstration area, Chaohu is located on the “axis” of the six cities of the Minjiang River and between the “two cores” of Hefei and Wuhu. For Chaohu, the construction of industrial transfer demonstration areas is a top priority, the top priority, and the only choice. Since this year, Chaohu City and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences have specially established the Industrial Transfer (Chaohu) Research Center for the Shanghai Municipal Academy of Social Sciences to undertake the industrial transfer and concentration area, aiming to learn the development experience and practices of Shanghai and find business opportunities. We should use comparative advantages to promote the further integration of industries in the two places, and at the same time study the establishment of a mechanism system that combines demonstration zones with Shanghai to take the lead in transforming the mode of economic growth.
Dr. Chen Jianxun, Secretary-General of the Industrial Transfer Research Center of the Minjiang City Belt of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that Chaohu should be a demonstration area for scientific development and a demonstration area for recycling economy in the construction of the transfer demonstration area. It should be in the project cluster and industrial agglomeration. , resource conservation, function integration, orderly construction and exploration. Chen Jianxun suggested that the Lancang River region, especially Chaohu City, should make further in-depth research with Shanghai on the innovation of industrial development cooperation mechanism, so that the industrial undertaking of Chaohu City will be based on the undertaking of innovation and the acceptance of science.
According to statistics, from 2007 to 2009, the three provinces and cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai invested a total of 35.646 billion yuan in Chaohu, accounting for 66.5% of the funds outside the province, of which 11.833 billion yuan in Shanghai, accounting for 33.2%. The larger investment project Shanghai Huayi Group's Wuwei Coal Chemical Project is not only the largest project of Sino-Shanghai cooperation, but also a major project of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to promote a new round of development and opening of the Lancang River, which has been included in the provincial government's key dispatch "861" project. The project plans to invest a total of 35 billion yuan, including a total investment of 7.3 billion yuan in the first phase of the project. It will build an annual output of 600,000 tons of methanol, 500,000 tons of acetic acid, 300,000 tons of ethyl acetate, and supporting docks, railways, warehousing, and airspace. Points, water treatment and other public works.

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