What are the advantages of three roller gates?

One is from the classification point of view:
1. The first type is a mechanical tripod brake with cam structure and hydraulic working principle; the characteristic of the mechanical tripod brake is that its use requires external power, the design is simple and durable, and the domestic tri-roller brake brand can already be comparable to Europe Major manufacturers, such as Sweden and Belgium.
2. The other type is the electric power-assisted tripod brake that uses a motor, a clutch and a digital encoder. The characteristics of the electric power-assisted three-roller gate are relatively user-friendly, compact design and simple use. Our enterprises are now very competitive.
The second point is that from the product itself, there are many indicators for selecting three-roller brakes in shopping malls. Here are some important indicators:
1. The service life of the equipment;
2. The process and materials of the equipment;
3. The protection function of the equipment;
4. The communication function of the device;
5. The type of movement is mechanical or electric assisted. The use time of the three-roller gate movement is an important sign to judge the grade of the three-roller gate.
The third is from the product working environment, the equipment must be able to withstand the impact of various natural environments, especially the extreme climate test.
Fourth, from the point of view of product use, when choosing a three-roller gate, you must consider users with limited mobility and more luggage. If conditions permit, you can use the three-roller gate with barrier-free access to solve these problems. A good three-roller gate must not only be beautiful in appearance, but also ergonomically and comfortable to use. The mold, equipment and design capabilities of the three roller gate manufacturers are the deciding factors.

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