Reduce leakage of water supply network? Yangda Research and Development DMA Partition Leakage Monitoring System

[ Instrument R & D of Instrument Network ] Water is a natural resource and the source of life. But it is not inexhaustible and inexhaustible. The urban water supply system is an important part of the municipal pipeline network. It belongs to the urban infrastructure. The maintenance and management level of the pipeline network not only affects the economic and social benefits of the water supply enterprise, but also affects the city's normal industrial production and citizens' lives. Therefore, taking effective measures to reduce and avoid pipeline leakage is an eternal issue that urban water supply companies need to solve.
There are many reasons for the leakage of the water supply network, and the situation in different places is different. The reasons for the leakage are also more complicated. Water supply network leakage is a serious problem common in the water supply industry. According to reports, the leakage rate of tap water network in 26 provinces and cities in China is more than 15%, of which 13 provinces and cities exceed 20%. So, if the urban water network leaks, can it be monitored and controlled?
Recently, the latest "Urban Water Network Leakage Monitoring System" developed by Zhu Junwu, a professor at the School of Information Engineering (School of Artificial Intelligence) of Yangzhou University and led by a student team, has been put on trial in the market. The system monitors the flow in a separate area of ​​the city through a dedicated water metering device in the zone, and timely monitors the leakage situation through the leakage monitoring platform to alert and remind, so as to effectively reduce the leakage rate in the process of urban water supply.
"Due to factors such as aging pipelines, limited investment in technical means, and backward regulatory systems, the leakage of urban water supply networks in China is relatively common, and the leakage rate is generally high. Coupled with large-scale and complicated urban water supply network layout, traditional management The system has fallen behind, and the current traditional water management system can no longer meet the requirements of massive data processing, water control, leakage control, water management and real-time monitoring. "Zhu Junwu said. To this end, the Zhu Junwu team developed the urban water network leakage monitoring system-DMA dedicated flow monitoring device and leakage monitoring platform.
According to Zhu Junwu, if this monitoring system is used, it can effectively reduce physical leakage, and promote the development of underreporting management towards benign demand loss management, and reduce the leakage rate of urban water networks to the level of 8% -12%. The promotion within the scope is expected to reduce the amount of water leakage by 7 billion tons and the economic loss by more than 14 billion yuan.
So, how should we reduce the leakage rate of the water supply network?
First, we must focus on scientific management. When controlling the leakage of the water supply pipe network, scientific management measures such as measurement management, pipe network management, and water management can be used to effectively reduce the leakage rate of the pipe network.
Adopt DMA zone measurement water supply management technology, strengthen water supply network fault monitoring technology and equipment use, increase the high-tech content in water supply network leakage control and strengthen water management. In daily leak prevention work, proactively connect with high water-consuming enterprises such as steel, petrochemicals, energy, automobile manufacturing, etc., establish an active prevention and control mechanism, combine passive rush repair and active prevention and control, and establish a perfect mechanism for leak detection and leak detection; perfect The water metering system aims to establish a metering mechanism for municipal utilities such as fire hydrants and install metered water meters to reasonably measure the water used for firefighting and sanitation; cooperate with law enforcement agencies to strictly control water theft and improve the water supply inspection system.
Secondly, pay attention to scientific planning and project quality. According to the functional characteristics of the water supply network, when selecting its leakage control measures, it should pay attention to the scientific planning and careful design in the formation of the water supply network to meet the development requirements of the water supply enterprise. Through full consideration of the actual situation of the area where the water supply pipe network is located, select reliable water supply pipes, and according to the requirements of cost economy and applicability, realize the use of water supply pipes with good cost performance to meet the efficient operation requirements of the water supply pipe network. Reduce the probability of leakage problems in its operation.
Finally, fully considering the impact of temperature changes, combined with the scientific control requirements of the water supply network leakage, it is necessary to fully consider the effect of temperature changes in the water supply pipeline settings, and strengthen anti-corrosion treatment to avoid adversely affecting the performance of the water supply network. Under the cooperation of information technology and computer network, scientific analysis of the temperature changes during the operation of the water supply network, real-time monitoring of leakage points, timely location of leakage points, and response to take repair measures, targeted work to make the water supply pipe The network can be in a good operating state to ensure the effectiveness of the pipeline network leakage control.

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