Is it legal to run mobile refuelling vehicles?

A mobile refueling vehicle can provide the refueling service for a vehicle just like a gas station, but it is more flexible than a gas station. It can be refueled wherever it is, and it is not fixed in a place. Some people see the business opportunity and they plan to operate mobile refueling. Cars bring wealth to individuals. However, they have not operated mobile refueling vehicles and do not know whether the operation of mobile refueling vehicles is legal, so they want to understand clearly and do absolutely nothing if they are illegal. This article gives a detailed introduction to the legality of operating mobile refueling vehicles.


The legality of operating a mobile refueling vehicle depends on the actual situation. Mobile refueling vehicles mainly provide the transportation and refueling of dangerous chemicals such as gasoline and diesel fuel. It has a higher risk of dangerous accidents. Therefore, if a mobile refuelling vehicle is to be operated, it must obtain the “Dangerous Chemicals Business Permit” and “Business License”. Contracts for the distribution of oil products, the "Wholesale Oil Products Wholesale (Retail) Business License", Oil Purchase Certificate, "Road Transport License" and other professional organizations to ensure that vehicles can be used for refueling operations, transportation, etc. the behavior of. In addition, the vehicle must go through the business procedures of the household and get permission from the relevant department to start the business.

At the same time, the owner must ensure that the mobile refueling vehicle is a legitimate vehicle. How to determine the mobile refueling vehicle is legal? The main thing is to look at its configuration, must meet the relevant standards of the refueling vehicle, can not privately modify the vehicle for the sake of interests. Therefore, when buying a refueling vehicle, it is necessary to find a professional manufacturer. The fuel refueling vehicles they produce are inspected by the relevant departments of the country to ensure that each configuration meets the relevant standards of the country for refueling vehicles.

Is it legal to run a mobile refueling vehicle? You also know the relevant answers after reading this article, reminding everyone that if you want to operate a mobile refueling vehicle, you must complete the relevant documents. Even if a refueling vehicle is used by a company for its own use and it is not used for profit, it also needs to have a good license. There is no relevant document for refueling vehicles that cannot be used on the road.

The inside skeleton is professional rust-proof and tested by salt spray testing stand to extend the storage life effectively.

The pleated filter layer has an outside skeleton which protects the filter layer and distributes the incoming fluid over the filter layer evenly. Also the outside skeleton can protect the filter layer away from mechanical damage.

The logo is printed on the outside skeleton, it`s also a sign for OEM. The logo can be seen clearly until it`s out of service life.

Filtration rating:

BN/HC: 3-20 µm


0030, 0035, 0055, 0060, 0075, 0095, 0110, 0140, 0160, 0240, 0260,0280, 0300, 0330, 0450, 0500, 0650, 0660,0900, 0990, 1320, 1500

Available pressure stability:

BN/HC: 20 bar

Compatibility with hydraulic fluids ISO2943

-Hydraulic oil H to HLPD DIN 51524

-Lubrication oils DIN 51517, APJ, ACEA, DIN 51515, ISO6743

-Compressor oil DIN 51506

-Biodegradable operating fluids VDMA24568, HETG, HEES, HEPG

-Non-flame operating fluids HFA, HFB, HFC, and HFD

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