Furika Washing and Sweeping Truck

National Six Furika Washing and Sweeping Truck


[Technical parameters of the vehicle]

Total mass (kg)


Tank volume (m3)


Rated mass (kg)


Dimensions (mm)


Curb weight (kg)


Cargo compartment size (mm)


The number of passengers in the cab (person)


Maximum load of saddle (kg)


Axle load (kg)


Maximum speed (km/h)



Remarks: 1. The car is mainly used for road cleaning, and the main dedicated device is the box body and the cleaning assembly. Optional curved box or square box and box appearance; optional central or rear suction cup; optional single-row or double-row sweeping brush; optional rear air filter; optional rear trash can tailgate Style; optional rear cabinet style. The corresponding relationship between the overall length of the vehicle and the wheelbase is (mm): 7000/3800. Only the wheelbase is used: 3800mm. 2. The side protection is replaced by special devices on both sides of the vehicle. The rear protection is made of cold-formed steel/Q235, welded, with a cross-section height of 100mm, a cross-section width of 50mm, and the lower edge of it above the ground by 300mm. 3. The front cover, front bumper, front combination lamps, front fog lamps, and half-row cab are optional along with the chassis. ABS model/manufacturer: ABS/ASR-12V-4S/4M/Xiangyang Dongfeng Longcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

【Chassis technical parameters】

Chassis model


Chassis name

Truck chassis

Trade name



Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

Number of axes


Number of tires


Wheelbase (mm)


Tire specifications


Number of leaf spring


Front track (mm)


Fuel type

Diesel oil

Rear track (mm)

1630, 1650

Emission standard

GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 National â…¥


Brief introduction of Dolica washing and sweeping truck :

●The shape of the trash bin adopts a rectangular parallelepiped shape, the box body is uniformly stressed, has strong structural performance and beautiful appearance. The dustbin is made of stainless steel and will never rust.

●The working device adopts the layout form of " center-mounted two-pan sweep + center-mounted wide suction nozzle + built-in high-pressure main boom + left and right high-pressure side booms " .

● Middle-mounted two-pan sweep (sweeping pan can be controlled separately) + central wide suction nozzle + built-in high-pressure main spray rod + left and right high-pressure side spray rods (left and right high-pressure side spray pipes can be independently controlled) structure, to achieve road cleaning and suction dust.

●The V -shaped arrangement of the left and right spray rods and the built-in nozzle of the main spray rod have no gap and the high-pressure nozzle spray water arrangement, which effectively collects all the cleaned sewage and garbage to the suction nozzle, and absorbs it in the sewage trash can to make the road surface Without leaving dust and water, the road surface cleaning, brushing and sewage recovery are effective.

●The clean water tank and the trash can are arranged separately, the effective space utilization is maximized, and the continuous operation time is long. At the same time, the sewage can be discharged through the sewage discharge device during the operation, and clean water can be added at any time to continue the operation; the trash bin adopts double-cylinder self-unloading, and the bin is also equipped with large flow and high-pressure nozzles, which can quickly flush the trash bin
●The left and right high pressure side booms have two-way automatic obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions. It can greatly reduce the damage of the left and right high-pressure side spray rods, and the safety of the whole vehicle during operation is also improved.

●The center-mounted wide suction nozzle has a hydraulic floating function, which effectively prolongs the life of the rubber roller.

● Using PLC programming, intelligent control system, centralized control of electricity, liquid and gas, the driver can complete various actions in the cab.

The vehicle can be equipped with snow shovel, fog cannon, and antiaircraft gun according to user requirements.

Detailed technical description of Dolica washing and sweeping truck:

Vehicle configuration

The washing and sweeping truck adopts the second-class chassis modification of Dolica, adding auxiliary engine, fan, clean water tank, garbage can, left and right vertical sweeping, sweeping dust reduction system, left and right high-pressure side spraying, suction cup built-in high-pressure main spray rod, pneumatic system, The hydraulic system, the electronic control system of the special equipment and the sub-frame are refitted.

Modification component description:

1. The main engine adopts Yunnei's 150- horsepower engine.

2. The auxiliary engine adopts Cummins 140 horsepower engine.




3. The automatic clutch reduces the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops . The clutch has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost saving during use .


4. Use Luoyang listed company, Luoyang North Glass Taixin high-power wear-resistant maintenance-free centrifugal fan, low noise, high efficiency, large air volume, and long service life.



5. Veyron low pressure water pump.




6. GTM high pressure water pump.


7. Sono Tiangong, Okada Seiko, pneumatic valve, pneumatic valve.



8. The auxiliary engine is equipped with an air filter element and an oil filter element to effectively prevent the auxiliary engine from entering dust and causing the cylinder to be pulled.


9. Reversing image of the rear of the vehicle.

10. Manual operation box at the rear of the vehicle.



11. Spray at the rear of the vehicle.

12. The vehicle comes with an 18M high-pressure car washing hoist.


13. The front body of the vehicle has a forward punch.


14. The left and right vertical scanning is a single scanning plate, which reduces the number of brushes and the consumption of brushes, and can reduce the cost of use. A water spray device is installed on the sweeping brush to spray dust and reduce dust. The left and right vertical scanning are controlled separately, and different operation modes such as right scanning and full scanning can be realized.



15. The width of the suction cup of the suction cup reaches 2300mm to ensure that the total width of the operation is greater than 3.2m. The 4 height-adjustable suction nozzle wheels can easily adjust and ensure a reasonable gap between the suction nozzle and the road surface, so as to achieve a better suction effect and higher dirt suction efficiency.

16. There is a high-pressure water spray device in the suction cup, and the nozzle is arranged inside the suction cup, which can wash the road surface to the maximum. The left and right high-pressure water spray brackets are installed on the suction cups and move up and down with the suction cups. The structure is simple and compact to ensure the best washing effect of the water spray brackets.



17, rear arrow lamp with LED warning lights, to ensure traffic safety of operations.

18. The sweeping disc cycloid motor adopts Sanyo motor, which has long service life, stability and reliability, and low failure rate.


19. The hydraulic pipeline adopts the German standard technical sealing structure, which has good anti-vibration performance and high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect.


20. It adopts Hypress hydraulic solenoid valve, and the key electric control element adopts Schneider electric switch, which has high reliability and long service life .



21 , PLC cab operation operations.


22. It is equipped with a manual pump emergency system, which can lift the trash can even when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance. The stainless steel trash bin has a volume of 4m ³ , and the car body adopts tipping discharge. The water tank has a volume of 4m ³ , and the non-stainless steel parts are rust-proofed and durable.



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