Women's ninth floor of stagnant women deadlocked more than ten hours

Spontaneous woman on the ninth floor stalemate more than ten hours jumped down the life-saving air cushion survived diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-03-13

The girl gave her life by jumping on the 9th floor.
And rescue personnel deadlocked after more than ten hours and jumped on the fire rescue air cushion
At 12:40 noon yesterday (12th), at the 9th floor of a residential building on Jiangda Road in Hankou, Wuhan, a middle-aged woman suddenly fell high and landed on a life-saving air mattress laid down by the fire brigade and diagnosed. The woman is not in danger of life.
The woman’s midwife beat the rain shed
The incident happened on No.97 Jiangda Road. On the first floor of this nine-storey residential building is a shopfront storefront. Residents from the second floor to the 9th floor are residential buildings.
At 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, the reporter saw at the scene a black woman sitting on the rainy yang shed on the balcony of the 9th floor. From time to time, she shouted downstairs and was emotional. A female police officer stood on the rooftop of the building and leaned in to talk with the woman to persuade him. On the downstairs sidewalk, fire officers and soldiers laid a rescue air cushion. Due to the early morning traffic peaks, traffic jams occurred on the road sections, and traffic policemen diverted traffic in an emergency.
Resident Zhang Zhang said that the woman was a resident of the building and climbed up in the early hours of the morning. She kept flapping the roof of the tin and staggered to jump. Some residents called to call the police. The civilian police and the fire brigades arrived at the time and it has already consumed 10 hours.
Police, relatives and friends take turns to persuade
At 9:30 in the morning, the woman took out several hundred dollar bills from her pockets, torn them and tossed them down. Some fell to the ground, and some fell to the rescue air cushion below.
At 10:20, relatives and friends constantly went up to the roof to persuade women. A female police officer also tried to persuade the woman to give up the cigarette but was rejected by the other party.
At 10:34, the woman took off her black jacket and set it aside. She also shouted loudly downstairs: "Someone wants to kill me..."
At 10:40, the woman picked up a wooden stick about 1 meter long beside her and pointed to people who were persuaded on the roof.
At 10:44, the woman threw a black jacket on the platform at the top of the building and was caught by the persuasive person.
At 11:58, accompanied by a female police officer, a mother-in-law came to deliver meals and advised the woman: "Anyway, I still want to eat rice." But the woman refused. During this period, the female police also pulled out a piece of paper from the bag and showed it to the woman.
At 12:23, her mother-in-law put a plastic cup full of boiling water on a wide wooden stick and handed it over. The woman took the cup and drank it.
During the stalemate, the woman has been sitting on the edge of the rain shed, not allowing the police to get close to relatives and friends.
9th Floor Falling Fortunately Saving Air Cushion
At 12:40, with a burst of exclamation from the crowd, the woman suddenly fell from the 9th floor, and after touching her body to the rain-yang shed on the 8th floor, she fell on the air-cushion cushion up and nearly 1 meter high. Roll off the ground. After landing, the woman can turn over and the police immediately stepped forward and lifted it to the 161 hospital.
After diagnosis, the woman in the fall has no fracture, no life-threatening, and is conscious and able to walk freely, but she is emotionally refusing to receive treatment. It is understood that the woman surnamed Zhan, more than 50 years old, has a history of drug use and had an argument with others before the incident. At present, the specific reasons for the fall of the building, the police are still investigating.
Falling to the ground
Air cushion withstands about 450 kilograms of force
The reporter estimated at the scene that the height of the fall was about 20 meters. According to the free-fall formula, Teacher Chen calculated that the time for the woman to fall from the building was about 2 seconds and the landing speed was about 20 meters/second. The female body of the falling building is relatively thin. With a weight of 45 kilograms, her impulse on the life-saving cushion is 900 kg/second. The force on the air cushion, which is equal to the impulse divided by the time spent by the woman in the cushioned cushion house (estimated by 0.2 seconds), then the air cushion is subjected to a force of 4,500 Newtons, equivalent to a lifesaving cushion of 450 hours in 0.2 seconds. Kilograms of weight. If the falling woman falls to the ground, the impact force is enough to make it crushed; fortunately it falls on the air cushion, most of the force is buffered to offset, to a certain extent, played a role to protect the fall woman.
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