Science Instruments: Success comes from advanced APS management system

September 15th - September 17th, 2010 Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition Shanghai was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. 468 leading companies from 22 countries and regions gathered at analytica China 2010 to bring the latest scientific instruments, cutting-edge analysis and testing technologies to the audience and provide comprehensive laboratory solutions. On the first day of the exhibition, thousands of professional visitors purchased, communicated and learned here.

China Chemical Instrument Network as the special support media of this exhibition, this exhibition has carried out all-round coverage. At the exhibition site, China Chemical Industry Instrument Network made a video interview with Mr. Bao Guanping, application engineer of Keyi Instruments, and asked him to share with you. Share the development history and market status of Keyi Instruments and let everyone know more about Keyi Instruments.

Ke Yi Instrument Application Engineer Mr. Bao Guanping chem17: Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends, Good afternoon, here is the 2010 Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition in Munich. We are now at the stand of Shanghai Keyi Instruments. This is Mr. Bao Guanping. Hello, Mr. Bao!

Bao Guanping: Hello everyone!

Chem17: We know that Science and Technology was founded in 1984. It is one of the earlier instrument dealers in the industry. Would you please briefly introduce us to the development history and market status of your company?

Bao Guanping: Ke Yi was established in Hong Kong in 1984. At that time, he mainly represented the imported Cole-parmer laboratory equipment in the United States. Cole-parmer was a supermarket-like laboratory equipment company with 10 million instruments. When it was first established, there were only a few employees at its headquarters in Hong Kong. After several years of development and growth, the entire company has now reached about 200 people. The products are mainly divided into three blocks. The first is a laser product, including lasers, laser welding, laser particle size, laser marking, and a series of products, such as Shanghai Volkswagen, which uses our laser products. The second is school demonstration products, training products, wrapping Newton's first law, elastic collision, ball collision and so on. The third is laboratory instrument products.

Chem17: In fact, many companies are competing to show off their products at the show. I believe that science and technology are no exception. Would you please briefly introduce us to the products brought by this science?

Bao Guanping: This time we have brought three visual nanoparticle analyzer models LM10, LM20, NS500. These instruments are based on the principle of Brownian motion to measure the particle size distribution of nanoparticles and the number of particles, such as the number of particles per milliliter. Compared with the previous technology, there is a big difference. Through the instruments we brought this time, we can see that the particles do Brownian motion inside. Then we follow the analysis of each particle and we can see the particle size of each particle. How much is the distribution, and then through the luminous intensity of the particles out of a three-dimensional value, you can see the difference in material material. This is a powdered drug absorption simulation device that simulates human lungs for powder drug absorption analysis.

Chem17: We know that Science and Technology is a company that represents multiple brands and multiple products. Multi-brand and multi-products can provide customers with a complete one-stop service. This is also a unique advantage of science and technology. Please briefly introduce the next art. What are the one-stop services for customers?

Bao Guanping: Our product range is relatively complete, there are also targeted areas, such as biological areas, laboratory areas, nano-particles, etc. We have related supporting services products. For example, when the customer requests, we can provide the main equipment and auxiliary equipment at the same time. In the aspect of company's equipment, we have 6 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Our products are rapidly dispatched to each branch company from the head office of Hong Kong. In terms of services, because our branches are widely distributed, in any region of the country (except Xinjiang, Tibet), as long as customers have problems we need to solve, our service engineers will reach the customers within 2 hours to solve for customers. problem. In terms of supply, our company has an APS system. No matter whether it is in Shanghai or Beijing, other branches can see our inventory in the APS system, our price system, customer information, etc. These resources are shared. . In terms of delivery, goods will be sent from Hong Kong every week, as an agent, because we have a large demand for products, we also get goods directly from the manufacturers, so there is still a certain advantage in the price .

Chem17: I believe there must be a group of outstanding and silent employees behind the company's strong service quality. Would you please briefly introduce us to the following aspects:

Bao Guanping: Our employees all have college degrees and above. There are 5 doctors, 20 masters, and other undergraduate students in the entire company of 200. The newly recruited employees will carry out product knowledge training and company management system. Training.

Chem17: In fact, after years of continuous efforts, Science and Technology has a certain position in the industry. Do you think your company can continue to develop in the market where competition is so fierce, what are the absolute advantages to support it?

Bao Guanping: I think it's mainly about management. Our management system is different from other companies. All branches are resource-sharing, including mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The entire management system is implemented in accordance with Hong Kong headquarters. The products also have advantages. The products we introduce are products with characteristics and market advantages.

Chem17: We know that there are many products of Science Arts Agency. Will there be further planning in the next few years, will it increase the brand of agents or expand the product range?

Bao Guanping: This is for sure, because a company needs to develop a "new metabolism." Some old products have many excellent domestic products due to the improvement of domestic technology. We will slowly let go of these products or brands. Every year we participate in some exhibitions and technical exchanges. If we see some good products, we will introduce them to introduce them to our customers.

Chem17: The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the customer's support and trust. Through this platform of China Chemical Instrument Network, do you have anything to say to the customer?

Bao Guanping: I believe science! I believe that China Chemical Instrument Network! Thank you!

Chem17: Thank you for accepting our interview. We believe that the future of science and technology will become better and better! Thank you!

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