MWC2018: Intel Deploys 5G Technology for Tokyo Olympics in 2020

MWC2018 (Mobile World Conference) will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, from February 26 to March 1. The Global Network correspondent Xinyue brings coverage from the conference site.

At the press conference held on the eve of the opening of MWC 2018, Intel announced a new industry cooperation plan for the 5G field, showing a series of breakthroughs made by partners, and looking forward to the rich possibilities created in the future 5G era.

As 5G is becoming one of the most influential technological changes at present, Intel is continuously providing innovative technologies and working with leading players in the industry to develop all-around cooperation to jointly create exciting new experiences and commercial applications that completely subvert the lives of people. , work and entertainment.

As one of the global TOP partners of the Olympic Games that continued until 2024, Intel demonstrated the evolution of 5G technology through the perspective of the Olympic Games. In February of this year, Intel and Korean telecommunication service provider KT (the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics national partner) based on Intel’s 5G technology jointly delivered the largest 5G network of the Winter Olympics, including 10 The Olympic venues deployed 22 5G links and supported 3,800TB of network capacity.

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was a successful high-standard experiment that laid a solid foundation for the realization of a larger-scale scenario: the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and the large-scale global deployment of 5G commercial standards and networks realized in the same year. In this event, Intel announced that it will cooperate with NTT DOCOMO (a national partner of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020), a Japanese communications service provider, to provide network infrastructure, connectivity and new experience cooperation for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games. 5G technical support. Imagine how a new look will emerge by then:

HD video: An 8K video stream providing 360-degree viewing angles is expected to be presented in real time on HD immersive devices in Olympic venues. Take surfing, which has recently become an Olympic event, for example. Spectators do not have to wear a telescope to watch the game on the beach. Their feelings of watching games are like waves of athletes slamming at sea. With the virtual reality experience of Intel® True VR and the gigabytes of massive data processing power provided by the revolutionary 5G network, viewers at home will be able to get a virtual reality viewing experience from a TV, helmet or wireless device.

Smart City Sensors and Connected Cars: Can change the way people travel in Tokyo. With the high intelligence of devices and network edges, 5G networks can handle unique data-intensive workloads, such as ubiquitous face recognition, which is widely used in venue entrance and security scenarios. Intel and other Olympic partners will provide the latest 5G communication technology for the car. Now it has achieved 4K video transmission up to 1Gbps at a speed of 30 kilometers.

Athletes: They will also win new competitiveness from 5G during training and competition. Obtaining rich data and analyzing it will help athletes to adjust training plans more specifically. Wearable devices, intelligent electronic monitoring devices, and augmented reality/virtual reality simulations that are optimized based on 5G networks will make full use of artificial intelligence to help athletes improve their capabilities.

Intel's 5G technology, modems and flexible and agile network infrastructure platform will help develop Gigabit connectivity, new mobile solutions, more immersive viewing experience, top smart city applications, and advanced broadcast services.

Aicha S. Evans, Intel’s senior vice president and chief strategy officer, said: “As we continue to define, prototype, test, and deliver the next generation of 5G technologies, products and solutions, we will develop the 5G connected world in the next few years. The outlook is optimistic.Olympic Games is the top experimental field for new technologies and will have a huge impact on our lives and communities. Just as athletes win championships by constantly mastering, improving and learning new skills, I am sure Intel and 5G partners will uphold A common commitment to continuously strengthen and deploy this incredible, revolutionary technology."

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