LED industry enters one-way rising channel

The continued growth in demand for lighting has driven the LED industry into a one-way uptrend channel. With the further restrictions on the use of incandescent lamps and the decline in the price of LED lighting products, LED lighting has ushered in the opportunity of rapid development. Combining the data of major manufacturers and research institutions, it is expected that the shipment scale of LED lighting will exceed 100%. The company is also expected to receive more than expected earnings. The LED enterprise revenue in Taiwan has always been an indicator of the LED industry's prosperity. Although December is a low season in the traditional sense, the chip industry's chip revenue in December increased by 59% in December, and the overall package revenue was 5.3 billion. The revenues of mainstream companies such as Ronda and Jingdian have shown a gratifying trend. Among the large packaging companies, Everlight's December revenue was NT$2.26 billion, a year-on-year increase of 70%. Benefiting from orders for lighting and backlights, the company expects shipments in the first quarter of this year to continue to grow. Lunda Electronics benefited from the return of notebook computer orders, Korean mobile phone manufacturers' flash and TV backlight demand. The December revenue was NT$1.097 billion, down 5.84 from November, and the growth rate reached 55. In the first quarter, Jingdian's revenue in December reached NT$2.047 billion, a slight decrease of 1.36, a year-on-year increase of 78.8. The characteristics of LED lighting products are outstanding. From the recent technological developments, the light source efficiency can reach more than 200lm/w. At the same time, the price of market terminal lighting products has continued to decline. The products of companies such as OSRAM and Cree have been reduced to around US$10, while the price of energy-saving lamps of the same brand is about US$5. Considering the great difference in service life, The actual use cost of LED lamps is cheaper than ordinary energy-saving lamps. From the perspective of the division of the LED industry chain, it mainly includes four major sectors: LED raw materials (MO source, luminescent materials, etc.), LED chips, LED packages and LED lamps. From the perspective of benefit, the first benefit is the downstream with channel advantages. Lamp manufacturers, such as Sunlight and Dehao Runda, followed by LED chips and packaging, with the growth of demand scale, capacity utilization has been rapidly improved, LED raw material prices have also been boosted, such as Nanda Optoelectronics MO source and rare earth luminescent materials from Keheng. From the perspective of functional division, it is mainly divided into LED lighting and LED backlight. The industry is more optimistic about the development of LED lighting. The recent situation of Ruifeng Optoelectronics also verified this judgment. The management of the company said that on the basis of stabilizing the LED LCD TV market, it has increased its efforts in the field of LED lighting and achieved corresponding growth in sales and profits. From a growth perspective, since the penetration of LED backlights in panels and smart terminals has exceeded 90, the future growth of backlight scale will mainly come from natural growth, and the growth of LED lighting will usher in the penetration and natural growth. Davis double clicked.

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