Coal-based medium oil family composition and aromatics content detection new technology research approved

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, through the Ministry of Ningxia University, the State Key Laboratory of Coal Efficient Utilization and Green Chemicals (hereinafter referred to as the State Key Laboratory), initial evaluation, expert letter evaluation, laboratory director meeting review, Ningxia measurement quality inspection The open project “Research on the composition of coal-based medium oil family and the detection of aromatics content” reported by the institute (hereinafter referred to as Ningxia Institute of Quality) was approved.
In the early stage, the Ningxia Institute of Quality and the National Key Laboratory of Ningda conducted the docking, and conducted in-depth exchanges on how the two sides can use their respective advantages to solve the actual needs of the enterprise and better serve the construction of the Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base.
In addition to actively cooperating with the development of standards, sharing major issues, and co-hosting high-level academic conferences, Ningda Guozhong Laboratory invites Ningxia Jiuquan Institute to actively declare open issues around basic research and key technology research and development in the field of coal chemical industry.
It is reported that Ningxia Jijiyuan's full two-dimensional analysis technology approved by the project is not only accurate and rapid analysis of aromatics content from thousands of components of coal-based diesel, but also can be used to judge the influence of process parameters and the operation of the device. The reason for the more scientific evaluation of the influence of changes in the composition of medium-quality oil such as coal-based diesel on product performance from a molecular perspective. This research will help to increase the added value of coal-based diesel or coal-based aviation blending oil, and also provide strong technical support for extending the coal-based fuel industry chain.

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