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[China Instrument Network News] news view, focus on dynamics. Today is the Wednesday, August 3rd, the instrument network will present you with the latest developments in the industry. Today's main contents are:

Stepped water price promotion and leading enterprises to deploy smart meter market as early as possible 【Details】

2017 Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Special Reporting Guide Completed Request for Comments [Details]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on the biggest push of the sensor industry IoT [Details]

Analysis of Imports and Exports of DCS from January to May 2016[Details]

Guangdong Metrology Institute assists the verification of oil and gas measuring instruments in the South China Sea drilling platform[detailed content]

The integration of manufacturing and Internet development Blue Book release the future good prospects[detailed content]

"High-baked" incoming wireless temperature measurement system into the local power grid "security" [detailed content]

[Instrument Patent] A heat meter remote meter reading system based on secure transmission of data based on a random encryption session protocol and a method for secure transmission of data from the system, applied by South China University of Technology and authorized on June 8, 2016 . 【details】

The drum conveyor is suitable for the transportation of various types of boxes, bags, trays, etc.. Discrete, small items or irregular items must be transported on trays or in swing boxes. Can transport a single piece of heavy material, or withstand a large impact load, easy to connect and filter between the drum lines, can be used multiple drum lines and other conveyor or special aircraft to form a complex logistics transportation system, complete a variety of process needs. The packing and conveying of materials can be realized by using the packing drum. The Roller Conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. The drum conveyor is suitable for the transmission of items with a flat bottom, and is mainly composed of a transmission drum, a frame, a bracket, and a drive part. It has the characteristics of large amount of transportation, fast speed, light operation, and can achieve multi-variety common line shunt transportation.


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