The Evolution of Parking System The Evolution of Identity Recognition

In recent years, with the development of non-contact sensing technology and long-distance identification technology, the parking lot system has been rapidly developed, and the product form and application mode have shown a diversified development trend. The parking lot system has its own unique advantages in terms of manageability, safety, and convenience from the original paper ticket management system to the more popular license plate recognition system. Its application field is also becoming more and more extensive.

Compared with the traditional parking system, the license plate recognition system has undergone great changes in the appearance and technology of the product. Since its inception, the product has been iteratively updated and its use in the parking lot has been affected. People's favor. Until now, in order to give people parking to create a good parking environment, the manufacturers of parking lot systems are constantly innovating in the function and appearance of the parking system's own products, and more in order to keep parking management closer to us. life.

The use of paper ticket management in the parking lot system is the most traditional and simplest type of single access method for parking lots. The user enters the parking lot by taking a paper ticket at the entrance, which requires a lot of statistical work for management personnel, and does not provide safety protection for people's parking. The license plate recognition system recognizes the number of vehicles entering and leaving the vehicle's license plate. Set access permissions, gradually developed into a complete access management system in the parking lot, with low cost, simple installation, parking safety and other characteristics.

Safety and convenience are the two cores of the license plate recognition system. With the increase of vehicles, the parking system has become the only tool for managing vehicles at various locations. Its diversified applications have enabled the transformation of functions from manual management to intelligent management.

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