Application case of photosynthesis in fruit tree research

Photosynthesis is an important physiological process that affects the growth of fruit trees. The progress of photosynthesis is inseparable from the radiation of sunlight, which is the main energy source for fruit tree growth. The differentiation, construction, yield formation and quality of fruit tree organs are based on photosynthetic rate and net photosynthetic cumulative value. Therefore, the determination of photosynthesis has become an important subject in the study of fruit tree growth.
So how should the photosynthesis of fruit trees be measured?


In recent years, people have attached great importance to the research of plant physiology, and the objects, content and methods of fruit tree photosynthesis research have made great progress. The research objects mainly include apple trees and peach trees. Moreover, a systematic study has been carried out on different age stages and different species of certain same tree species. Application photosynthesis system of photosynthesis is an important breakthrough in the study of fruit trees, fruit trees the study of photosynthesis enter a new field. Instrumental analysis shows that the photosynthesis of fruit trees is similar to other plants in the basic process and change rules, and the photosynthesis intensity has annual and daily changes. Under natural conditions, there are roughly two types of diurnal changes in plant photosynthesis. One is a unimodal, with the highest photosynthetic rate at noon; the other is a bimodal, with a peak in the morning and afternoon.
In addition to fruit tree research, the scope of application of this photosynthesis is also very wide, and it can be widely used in horticulture, agriculture and forestry, microorganisms, insects and other professional industries and scientific experiments. It can measure CO2 concentration, photosynthetically effective radiation, leaf temperature, leaf room temperature and humidity, etc. After scientific calculation, the leaf transpiration rate, leaf photosynthetic rate, intercellular CO2 concentration, water use efficiency, stomatal conductance, and other photosynthetic indicators can be obtained. .

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â—†Green Laser


â–  OEM-I-532 / 1~5W

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â–  OEM-N-532 / 3~5W

â–  OEM-W-532 / 6~18W

â–  OEM-D-532 / 20~30W


â–  OEM-F-520 / 1~800mW

â–  OEM-D-520 / 1~3.5W

â–  OEM-GD-520 / 3.5~5W

â–  OEM-XD-520 / 7~8W

â–  OEM-KD-520 / 6~10W

â–  OEM-BD-520 / 11~20W



â–  MGL-H-532 / 0.5~1.5W

â–  MGL-F-532 / 1.5~2.5W

â–  MGL-D-532 / 20~30W

â—† Blue Laser


â–  OEM-F-447 / 1~3.5W

â–  OEM-D-447 / 4~8W

â–  OEM-GD-447 / 9~16W

â–  OEM-XD-114 / 17~28W


â–  OEM-GD-462 / 16W

â–  OEM-KD-462 / 20~30W



â–  OEM-KD-455 / 30~36W

â–  OEM-BD-455 / 40~50W


â–  OEM-F-465 / 1~3W

â—†Red Laser
â—†Yellow Laser



â–  OEM-D-635 / 1~2W

â–  OEM-GD-635 / 3~6W

â–  OEM-XD-635/ 7~11W

â–  OEM-BD-635 / 15~20W

â–  OEM-TD-635 / 25~30W


â– MGL-F-589 / 1~300mW

â–  MGL-N-589 / 300~800mW

â–  MGL-W-589 / 800~4500mW

â—†RGB Laser (Multi- wavelength Laser)
RGB-XD 635nm & 520nm & 455nm


635nm & 520nm & 450nm / 10~12W RGB-KD / 13W

RGB-BD / 15~16W/ 20W
635nm & 520nm & 447nm

4W/ 6W/ 8W

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